Renee Schoen, 45, of Sartell is a personal trainer, business owner, cover girl and figure competitor who believes a person is never too old to start working out for a healthier and longer life. Click Here to read more

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Dane-MarcotteDiane started doing Pilates Reformer with me in early April of 2014. She made simple adjustments to her eating as I instructed her and she has consistently stayed on track. She said that with my help, the changes in her eating habits were not as difficult as she had thought they would be and she never feels deprived or hungry.  Diane is very dedicated to her health and at 59, I am so proud of the progress she has made in such a short period of time.  To date, Diane has lost 15.2lbs., 3.6% bodyfat and 9" overall and has kept it all off.  She said she is never going back to the lifestyle of eating habits she once had, she has so much more energy and feels great. She has proven that age is not a factor in feeling and looking your best.  She comes in rockin' new workout clothes and she should be so proud of herself; as much as I am proud of her as well!  I think she looks FABulous and is a great roll model for anyone!

I've tried everything and then I found Renee. At 59 I truly have tried everything without success. Now I am feeling great! Renee introduced me to the Pilates reformer. I am getting the workout I needed to strengthen and tone. And she has helped me with my eating and so an added bonus is that I am losing weight too! Thank you Renee!!.

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Fitness Forever owner Renee Schoen believes that every woman should be the heroine, not the victim, of her own life. By overcoming obstacles in her own life, she discovered her inner and outer strength, and now helps others on their journey to overall health through her personal training studio in Waite Park.


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I provide a full gym workout experience without the chaos of a large gym.

Fitness Forever offers a wide variety of workout equipment, including free weights, cable machine, Pilates reformer, suspension trainer, elliptical, treadmill, boxing bag, along with small equipment such as balls and resistance bands, so you will always have variety. Your workout will be tailored to your needs and you have the choice between 30 and 60 minute sessions, at rates you can afford. Basic nutrition is included with your sessions, so you can be well on your way to living a complete healthy lifestyle that is maintainable. A consultation is necessary before beginning any personal training sessions. I can't wait to meet you!

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